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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Big Changes in the Blawgosphere

Howard Bashman notes that the Blog of Legal Times is moving to the National Law Journal and will now be behind a paywall. Until I obtain solid, post-law school employment, it is very unlikely that I will be visiting that blog any time soon. On a happier note, Bashman re-iterates in that same post that the Wall Street Journal Law Blog has dropped their paywall entirely.

Due to a recent computer reboot coupled with the failure of Google Chrome on my laptop, I have been rebuilding my own list of law blogs to look over each day. I thought that further computer troubles were to blame when I visited and was confronted with the Washington Post website, but soon learned that the Volokh Conspiracy and Washington Post have begun a joint venture where the Post will now host the Volokh Conspiracy. Eugene Volokh notes that the blog will be outside of the Post's limited paywall for the next six months, but after that period, and .edu users will be limited to ten free views per month. Volokh also addresses the issue of editorial control over the blog:

We will also retain full editorial control over what we write. And this full editorial control will be made easy by the facts that we have (1) day jobs, (2) continued ownership of our trademark and the domain, and (3) plenty of happy experience blogging on our own, should the need arise to return to that.

I have little doubt over the Conspirators' ability to maintain editorial control, but I will probably end up subscribing to the Washington Post. The six-month period of free access will end immediately before the bar exam which will be good news for my distraction-free studies, but bad news for my wallet.

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