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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Apple's Equivocal National Security Order Press Release

Via the BBC, I learned that Apple is now reporting national security requests it receives for account information and the number of accounts affected. In a press release, Apple says:

Apple has been working closely with the White House, the U.S. Attorney General, congressional leaders, and the Department of Justice to advocate for greater transparency with regard to the national security orders we receive. We believe strongly that our customers have the right to understand how their personal information is being handled, and we are pleased the government has developed new rules that allow us to more accurately report law enforcement orders and national security orders in the U.S.
That sounds pretty good. And this very same press release reveals this crucial information: noting that Apple has received between zero and 249 National Security Orders and that these orders have affected between zero and 249 accounts.

Thank goodness. I had been worried that under the government's secret surveillance programs, we wouldn't be able to find out the extent of privacy intrusions. It's good that companies like Apple have these concerns in mind.

(Thanks go to Max Bryk for directing me to the portion of the BBC article that mentioned Apple's statement)

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