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Friday, January 24, 2014

Administrative Note on This Blog's URL and Post Displays

My Twitter feed has been lighting up about Gmail being down, and it looks like Google's problems might extend to its Blogger platform (from which this blog operates). About half the time that I type either "" or "" in my browser, I get an error message. The rest of the time, I make it through to the blog.

But what is particularly strange is that while leads me to an up-to-date display of the blog, typing leads to an older display of my blog, beginning with my January 16 post about the Second Amendment and 3-D-printed firearms. I will keep checking to see if this issue ever resolves, and update this post if it does.


Soon after posting this, I found that the URLs and both led to an up-to-date display of my blog, so it looks like the problem may have been resolved.

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