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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July 2014: Bar Exam Apocalypse - Day 1

Above the Law reports that the bar exam software, ExamSoft is crashing like crazy right now as people across the country try to upload their exam answers. Their Twitter feed is currently filled with dozens of messages assuring test-takers that they are working on fixing up their system, and upload deadlines are being extended an an expanding number of states.

I managed to eventually upload the exam, but it took quite a while, and ExamSoft's upload page on its website seemed to remain inaccessible.

Meanwhile, across campus, a 30 foot geyser of water sprang into being, flooding parts of campus. The AP reports:
Firefighters, some using inflatable boats, have saved at least five people who were stranded in the underground parking structures.
And from Jeong Park of the Daily Bruin:

I would say the end is near, but there are still two days to go.

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