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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Ramsey on Baude on Posner on Kerr on Riley

Michael Ramsey is here, Will Baude is here, Judge Richard Posner is here, Orin Kerr (quoted in Adam Liptak's New York Times article) is here, and the Supreme Court's opinion in United States v. Riley is here.

This impressive chain of discussion stems from Posner's interestingly snarky criticism of Kerr which I blogged about here. Baude takes Posner to task for claiming that his opinion in United States v. Flores-Lopez was "almost identical" to the Supreme Court's opinion, pointing out that the Court in Riley deviated from Posner's opinion in several notable respects.

But beyond pointing out this other issue with Posner's criticism, my main reason for this post is to continue the chain of people commenting on Riley. I can only hope that somebody cites and discusses this post in order to keep the chain of commentary going.

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