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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

UCLA Law is Runner-Up in Top Business Law Faculties Poll

Brian Leiter has the results of his poll listing the top ten business law faculties here.  UCLA Law is the first runner-up.

I have had the opportunity to take several courses in business law while I have been at UCLA (I am currently taking Federal Income Tax with Professor Jason Oh, and I took Business Associations with Professor Stephen Bainbridge last year as well as a Business Torts course with Harry Mittleman).  I found these courses engaging and informative.  Since I have little educational or experiential background in business preceding these courses, I give a lot of credit to my professors for making these subjects accessible, interesting, and even entertaining (with particular credit to Professor Bainbridge on this final point).

As a final note, hopefully Professor Bainbridge will find this poll more useful than Leiter's listing of the top faculties in constitutional law and theory.  Bainbridge did not seem to care for that earlier poll.

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