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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Drones Banned Above "Game of Thrones" Set in Belfast

So reports Belfast Live:

Crafty Game Of Thrones fans have been thwarted from getting any sneak behind-the-scenes peeks after a ban on drones above the set. 
Signs erected close to the filming studios in Titanic Quarter, East Belfast, warn of a "no-fly zone" for the mini-crafts. 
And novice pilots are told they could face prosecution for invading the airspace above the studios without permission from the Civil Aviation Authority. 
The move came after sightings of drones above various sets of hit shows being filmed here. 
The security firm behind the signs said the flying of drones in the area poses a significant risk to people below. 
But the clampdown has also hit cheeky fans of Game Of Thrones plotting to catch a glimpse of scenes starring their heroes. 
A source told Belfast Live there were fears top secret plot details could leak out if drones were able to hover above the site.
This drone ban makes sense from a safety perspective. Flying drones over unsuspecting people can lead to injuries should the drones fall unexpectedly (as they occasionally do). And if those on the ground are celebrities, I wouldn't be surprised if people flying the drones end up flying closer to the ground in order to get better footage.

I am, however, a bit confused by the concern that these drones may lead to the leak of "top secret plot details." Game of Thrones is based on books that have already been written. Any details that these drones may reveal have presumably already been revealed to those who simply have taken the time to open the books.

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