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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Lawfare Podcast on the Law of War . . . Against Zombies

I highly recommend the most recent Lawfare Podcast which is entitled, "Bone-Crushing Zombie Action."

Shane Harris moderates the podcast in which Benjamin Wittes, Robert Chesney, and Jennifer Daskal discuss issues that would arise in the event of a military conflict between the United States and zombies.

The panelists discuss numerous issues, including whether the President would have the authority to order military force against zombies, whether zombies can truly considered to be engaging in "armed" conflict against the united states, and whether military action would potentially violate the zombies' due process rights or international laws. Important considerations throughout the discussion include whether the zombies are human or not and whether non-lethal actions against zombies are feasible.

My favorite line in the podcast is from Benjamin Wittes. A portion of the podcast addresses the issue of how much government surveillance should be permitted in light of the zombie threat. Wittes points out that privacy is an important consideration, but that "I prefer to be not eaten on camera than to be lunch in private." There was also some pretty good discussion about the case, In re Neagle.

If you are looking for both laughs and some good insight into an alternate perspective on laws of war, I highly recommend that you listen to the whole thing.

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