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Monday, March 10, 2014

"US Supreme Court Removes School 'Boobies' Bracelet Ban?"

This is the title of this BBC article on the case Easton Area School District v. B.H (although I added the question mark). It sounds like the Court just made a notable First Amendment ruling. But the first paragraph of the story reads:

The US Supreme Court has rejected an appeal which sought to ban students in Pennsylvania from wearing controversial breast cancer awareness bracelets. 
The Easton Area School District had prevented youths from wearing bracelets emblazoned with "I (heart) Boobies!", alleging the words were lewd. 
Two students legally challenged the ban in 2010, citing freedom of speech. 
The US court's decision leaves in place an earlier ruling by a federal appeals court overturning the ban.
So the Court did not actually strike down the ban, as the title suggests, it simply declined to hear an appeal, and left the decision striking down the ban in place. An interesting story, but certainly not as significant as the article's title suggests.

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